Images of Life on Oakland Avenue

82 E. Oakland Ave., in the Northwood Park historic district Tom and I lived in and loved this house for 15 years.  It was built in 1911 as a builder's model, we think.   So it has lots of "extras," like the extra nice porch bannister and wide overhangs with decorative brackets.  The slate roof is larger than most on the street because of its extra steep pitch.  This gave us plenty of room to make a "retreat" on the third floor, with a 12-foot peaked ceiling.
Oakland in the Northwood Park Historic District In winter, with the leaves gone, on a street cleaning day with no cars, you can see the houses in all their glory.
82gardens.jpg (41058 bytes) We had a magical garden in the back.  We'd come home, into this garage off the alley, and then we'd walk into this enchanted space.  What a great thing to see at the end of a hard day of work.
porchlines.jpg (41299 bytes) The front porches all line up, so you can look down through several of your neighbors' porches to see what's happening.
porchswing.jpg (24339 bytes) A favorite pasttime for me and General Burnside (cat) was lounging on the porch swing, reading the paper.  (The General absorbs the news by sitting on it.)
82gardenas.jpg (46846 bytes) Sometimes the garden was alive with perennials in bloom.
82gardenbs.jpg (43655 bytes) 82gardencs.jpg (49002 bytes)
fountains.jpg (33733 bytes)
holyname2s.jpg (33995 bytes) The history of the neighborhood is closely aligned with that of Holy Name Church at Patterson and Adams, a half block away.  The Schneiders, a large family that used to live at number 69, were faithful members of that church.  One of them grew up to be a priest.  He recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his priesthood. 
stay tuned . . . more to come later.